Broadcasting Friday 8:20 Eastern

bustedhaloradioWe had a great time recording the show with Brett Siddell and Fr. Dave Dwyer of Busted Halo, talking about our new book–topics like why discernment is important for both parents and teens; how parents provide scaffolding for teens’ construction of self; how to find God present in daily life as parents; and others.

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Spirit Mornings Radio

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday May 11, at 8:20 Eastern Time (7:20 Central) for Tim’s
interview on Spirit Mornings Radio: Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.25.02 AM

Bruce and Jen will be interviewing him about his new book release, Living Against the Grain, from Loyola Press. The book is an adaptation of Tim’s popular course at Boston College, Capstone: Desire and Discernment. Rooted in Ignatian spirituality, the book is an invitation to young people to pay attention to their authentic desires in order to discern where God is leading them, toward lives of service rooted in love.