Book: Reclaiming Family Time

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 10.28.27 PMWe are happy to share with you our third book, released by The Word Among Us Press in September, 2017.

Lucy Cunningham writes:

Reclaiming Family Time offers wisdom and practical advice for re-orienting family life. In six chapters the authors present an attainable vision for families to nourish each other, strengthen their relationships, and share greater happiness. Each chapter also includes a summary list of points and questions to reflect upon alone or with a spouse, friend, or book club.

The book is a theological and spiritual reflection on the vocation to family life amidst the time pressures of modern life. We share a little of our own struggles to keep pace, not wanting our children to lose opportunities to help them grow and learn from others. Yet it also reflects on traditions such as Sabbath and New Testament wisdom about kairos. It relies on the 20th century philosopher Josef Pieper and his reflections on leisure as the basis of culture, calling into question the utilitarian attitude so many today take toward time.

This is a profoundly meditative book, one which we hope will encourage parents to reflect on the ways that they use the precious gift of time.