Book excerpt

Thanks to for excerpting our book The Discerning Parent on their site!

Editor’s Note: Parents with kids in the double-digit age range will find inspiration in Tim and Sue Muldoon’s new book from Ave Maria Press. This is a time when we need to take a new look at how we guide and discipline our children, because what works with toddlers won’t always work with teens. Building on a foundation of Ignatian spirituality, the Muldoons offer reflections based on Scripture and science, modeling discernment for our teens so that they’ll be encouraged to use discernment skills in their own decision-making throughout life. As much a life skill as balancing a checkbook or changing a tire, learning to spiritually discern will serve your older children well in the coming years. Enjoy this excerpt from The Discerning Parent, an important book for all whose children have reached the tween years and beyond. –Barb

In The Discerning Parent, Tim and Sue Muldoon blend personal experience and practical advice with the wisdom they’ve learned from Ignatian spirituality to offer guidance for Catholic parents raising teens and tweens. Readers will gain confidence to help teens make better decisions, deepen the roots of Catholic parenting, and relate to teens in a way that reflects the tenacious love of God. Parents can use this guide to learn how to grow in their faith, strengthen their parenting skills, and keep their families and relationships in loving communion with God.

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