Ignatian mindfulness

new_web_image_200_3_8Thanks to Now You Know Media, Tim’s 12-lecture series on Ignatian mindfulness is now available. This series is based on over a decade of Tim’s courses on Ignatian spirituality at Boston College, Washington Theological Union, and LaSalle University. From the website:

The Spiritual Exercises is the greatest guide for discernment ever written. 500 years after its publication, it remains a vital resource for hundreds of retreat centers, schools, and religious congregations around the world. St. Ignatius’s manual for spiritual growth has given guidance and joy to countless retreatants and learners. You or someone you know has likely drawn closer to God with The Spiritual Exercises.

This 12-lecture course explores the Exercises with fresh eyes. Award-winning author Tim Muldoon delivers lively lectures that speak to the hearts of men and women from all walks of life. Grounded in Ignatian spirituality, it draws on wisdom from remarkable men and women across religious traditions, giving you innovative and practical methods of discernment amidst the bustle of modern life.

In these lectures, you’ll explore lives of mission whose examples will inspire you to lead a life given in service to God and others, giving you greater purpose and love. You will also discover fresh approaches to daily practices of reflection, prayer, and contemplation. Like Ignatius, you will heal past pains, notice God’s ever-present work, make more life-giving choices, and observe the daily movements of your consolations and desolations.

Discernment is not only a practice but also a journey towards self-knowledge. Step back from today’s distractions and see the flame of joy alight in all things.

Catholic TV

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Review of Reclaiming Family Time

Thank you Lucy Cunningham for your generous review!

Reclaiming Family Time offers wisdom and practical advice for re-orienting family life. In six chapters the authors present an attainable vision for families to nourish each other, strengthen their relationships, and share greater happiness. Each chapter also includes a summary list of points and questions to reflect upon alone or with a spouse, friend, or book club.

Read the whole thing here.

Our newest book is now available

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 10.28.27 PMWe are grateful to The Word Among Us Press for their release of our latest effort, Reclaiming Family Time: A Guide to Slowing Down and Savoring the Gift of One Another.

Now, full disclosure: we were very hesitant about taking this project on, and even now have to remind people who ask about it that we don’t have it all figured out. From the beginning, we decided to discern our way into this topic–to talk, pray, and research the way that contemporary American society tends to compromise family time. Sports schedules, to use one example, are entirely out of hand, driven by an industry that does not always have children’s best interests at heart.

But we said yes, because we understood that it was very important for our family to bring a more discerning approach to our time together as a family.

The great irony is that soon thereafter, our lives were thrown into overdrive, with work-related stresses that took a toll on our family time. In the midst of this stress, though, we found ourselves returning to some of the basic principles that made their way into the book: a commitment to shared leisure time, relying on the wisdom of the German philosopher Josef Pieper; a commitment to practicing Sabbath, with insights from Biblical scholar Bonnie Thurston; Saint Paul’s exhortations to observe an “acceptable time” (kairos) for doing the works of God; and others.

What emerged is something we are proud of: a meditation on the gift of time. We continue to aspire to get it right–to persuade ourselves and our children of how good it is to sanctify our days and nights, not too unlike the way that monks sanctify time through the daily office.

Let us know what you think!

Live on EWTN

z300x250EWTNPlease join us as we go live on the At Home with Jim and Joy show on EWTN today, Monday August 7, at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central!

We’ll be discussing our three books (yes, three books–more below) with them, focusing on the theme of cultivating a family spirituality.


Our third book, Reclaiming Family Time: A Guide to Slowing Down and Savoring the Gift of One Another, is now available from The Word Among Us Press! Watch here for more information in the coming weeks. Here’s the description on the TWAU Press website:

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 10.28.27 PMWhat happens when our lives spin out of control because we are so busy and overcommitted? The negative consequences of such a lifestyle are well known, but few of us are able to put on the brakes so that we can truly enjoy the gift of one another.

Tim and Sue Muldoon take both a meditative and practical approach to this issue. They help us experience the peace that only God can give, and they also share what has and hasn’t worked in their own family. While there is no magic bullet, the Muldoons show us that when we put God first in our lives, our other priorities fall into line as well. That makes it possible to discern the best ways to spend our time, both individually and collectively, to build a strong foundation of lasting family relationships.


Book excerpt

Thanks to CatholicMom.com for excerpting our book The Discerning Parent on their site!

Editor’s Note: Parents with kids in the double-digit age range will find inspiration in Tim and Sue Muldoon’s new book from Ave Maria Press. This is a time when we need to take a new look at how we guide and discipline our children, because what works with toddlers won’t always work with teens. Building on a foundation of Ignatian spirituality, the Muldoons offer reflections based on Scripture and science, modeling discernment for our teens so that they’ll be encouraged to use discernment skills in their own decision-making throughout life. As much a life skill as balancing a checkbook or changing a tire, learning to spiritually discern will serve your older children well in the coming years. Enjoy this excerpt from The Discerning Parent, an important book for all whose children have reached the tween years and beyond. –Barb

In The Discerning Parent, Tim and Sue Muldoon blend personal experience and practical advice with the wisdom they’ve learned from Ignatian spirituality to offer guidance for Catholic parents raising teens and tweens. Readers will gain confidence to help teens make better decisions, deepen the roots of Catholic parenting, and relate to teens in a way that reflects the tenacious love of God. Parents can use this guide to learn how to grow in their faith, strengthen their parenting skills, and keep their families and relationships in loving communion with God.